Friday, January 19, 2007

Only if I live tomorrow

My final exams was over,
And that was my last grade in my school,
No more classes in this High School,
And no more exams to pass,
I won’t come here any more to study,
Or to run and play with my friends.
What interest have I here?
I will have some interest in that place,
Only if I live there tomorrow

Later my parents died and it was sad,
Our family property was partitioned,
I took my belongings and I left
For my dwelling place- a lodge room,
On my mail they will write “Redirected”
What interest have I in my home?
I don’t live there anymore!
I will have some interest in that place,
Only if I live there tomorrow

Today was my last day at work,
My days of teaching is over,
My students won’t wait for me in the staff room,
They won’t shout in loud voice ‘Good morning’
And no more giggling for my stale jokes!
But may be I’ll meet them tomorrow
Only some of them, somewhere sometimes!
I will have some interest in that place,
Only if I live there tomorrow

I got my visa and my passport;
I was leaving my country for good,
The wind and the rain and different seasons,
The flora and fauna and my people,
I will miss my country I am sure,
But what interest have I here I thought,
I don’t live here anymore!
I will have some interest in that place,
Only if I live there tomorrow

Later I received many mails and calls,
From my classmates, students, and my siblings.
They still cherish my thoughts and deeds
The thought of that astonished me,
What! I still live there in those places.
Not physically of course,
In their minds and thoughts.
Yes I have interest in all places and people
Even though I don’t live there anymore!

2. Batteries are not included

There was a noisy add in the T.V.
It was about a children’s toy
It was very colorful and full of action!
If I would have muted TV’s sound,
Sure it will be quite boring,
Finally they said very familiar words
“Batteries are not included”.

When we were kids we had a few toys
Made of tin, wood and leaves.
None of them had any batteries,
None of them needed batteries either,
We moved them and we made some noises
We ourselves were their energy source
Who cares if batteries are not included?

Kids always love their toys
They like to play with other’s toys too
Boys always love different toys
Girls’ have their own tastes too
Sometimes they love to play together
Imaginations are their energy source
Who cares if batteries are not included?

Are you complaining about low energy?
Do you lack motivation these days?
There should be some thing to look for.
There should be some one to live for.
There should be some one to care for
Those are your energy source
Who cares if batteries are not included?

3 Vow! Cool Dude!

Old man was telling his grandson:
“I used to walk up and down to my work,
Treading the rocky roads five miles”
The young man responded: “So what?”

Old man continued about his olden days,
About the Great American Depression days.
He described the terrors of Wars he has seen.
The young man responded: “So what?”

The old man still told his grand son
How important is our faith in God.
He described the ways God helped him in past,
The young man responded: “So what?”

Then the old man that day’s newspaper,
To explain everything with a ‘current touch’
But the young man saw the picture of a movie star,
And he exclaimed so loud “Vow! Cool dude1”

The old man got a shock and thought
“The senses of young people are closed-
Mine was closed too when I was young.
And I hope his will be open before too late!”

4. Sale! Sale! Sale!

Sale! Sale! Sale!
People go crazy after it.
99.99 is their weakness
It is after all just a trick!

Thanksgiving sale was on,
For in the morn they stood in line,
By six in the morn another mob at the door
I waited to see who will get in first.

People in the line described the mob “Stupid!”
And the mob described the others “Retarded!”
But when the Security opened the door,
People with bone in their tongue went in first.

5. Glove and the hand

Glove is working and the hand is the same
Hand is clean, but the glove is not
Hand got a grip, the glove got the same
But the Hand is safe, but the glove is not

“Work is done” said the glove
And the hand released the glove
Hand got a soap and water to wash
But the glove was thrown in the trash.

People use people as gloves,
Can we treat these ‘Glove people’ a little better
Do they have bones just like the hands
Of course not! They don’t deserve any better

6. Big boss

Big boss has a loud base voice
And he talks so loud and clear.
His footsteps are loud too
Because he has to act like that.

Big boss dress like a boss,
His shoes and uniforms shine too.
His Car is always clean
It has a “Reserved” parking spot.

Big boss has a big spacious office,
His Safe is filled with files and bills.
But the bills are heavy with numbers.
I often see, other bosses waiting outside.

One day I heard he died,
All cars with followed a police car,
All other cars with black flags rolled after it
I knew ‘Big boss’ is heading to see his BOSS.

7. Show and tell

I like time of show and tell
Because I can tell others about me myself and I
That’s the way I advertise myself.
And get myself some respect and leadership

If I can’t find anything in me to brag
I look around and brag about my possessions
Still if that is not enough, about my son or wife,
Or Father or Mother or family or my country.

I need something to blow up and glow up
The balloon of ego is about to get burst
I want to be noticed I want to be heard
I want them to obey and of course be a leader.

I was so prominent and they all trusted
But no one really knew the balloon full of air
They all looked up to me the leader
And you know what happened to my balloon!

A true leader brags about his team
And look up to them for trust
The team strength is your strength
Give them every credit and respect.

8. Bring and brag

You can brag about your county
Or state or your country
But the best is to brag in your own family.
You can brag about your father or mother
Or brother or your sister
But the best is about a dog you have trained
You can brag about your degrees and titles
Or the money you have earned
But the best is what you have done for others
You can brag about lives you have changed
Or the activities you promoted
But the best is to brag children you served.
Those are the lasting lights you lighted
To light some more other lamps.
They all will enlighten the world together

9. See you later!

She didn’t want to leave her new born,
Although he was only a month old.
He knew his mom’s sound and her smell,
So he’ll start whining and crying so loud

When he was two he was very funny,
Because he wouldn’t let anybody go.
He will run to the main door and close it,
And stay with a smile, saying “Don’t go”

At three he went to his daycare,
And his mom had to leave through the back door.
The moment he saw her car through the window,
He cried so loud: “I want my mommy”

Next year he was little braver,
But still he was sad to leave his mom.
His mommy waved her hand at the school bus
But his head drooping down, looking sad.

When he started his High School he was OK
But still not very happy to leave home.
He walked through the foggy dark mornings
Looking back so often at his mom

Soon he went to a far away college
It was hard for him to say farewell to his mom
He completed his college and got a good job
Got married and moved out to a city

But often he visited his home
With his wife and dear children
They all kissed their grandma when they left
But he kissed her and said “See you later mom”

After many years she also died one day
Like any other mothers would have died
He went to the graveyard with his loved ones
And asked his mom: “Why you didn’t say me a goodbye”!

10. Room#30

My friend and I drove together to work
He worked in a Junkyard
Ripping apart car bodies like a vulture
I worked in a nursing home a human Junkyard

Room# 30 was somehow was special to me
He was no one to me and I never talked.
But his graceful look and smile,
Lured my heart with compassion

I noticed the food tray for the room#30
He ate very healthy, just from the way it looked
And I noticed how neatly he returns it
After finishing his meal everyday.

I wanted to know more about him
Some one told me he was a pastor one time
And comforted many while he was in service
“Still he does” I thought my self

It was a Friday evening- I went to work
All dishes were waiting for me to be washed
There I noticed his food tray- Room #30
With a note saying “Returned- room #30 vacant”

11. Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill went up the hill
They climbed up high with a lot of skill
Jill had a chill but Jack had a thrill
They couldn’t find some water anywhere still

Jack found a bird on that high hill
With a worm on its bill which bird wanted to kill
Jill made a shrill the bird ate it like a pill
And the bird flew for water after eating the pill

Jill went some more up the hill
Yet she couldn’t find water still
Jack went some more down the hill
Couldn’t find the water and wanted to drill

In the deep hole Jack found some water still
He worked hard to fill the pale with a thrill
Jill was very tired and thirsty still
Jack gave some to drink lest she will fall ill

The bird came back chocking and chill
The worm on its bill didn’t stay very still
Jill gave the bird some water to eat its own pill
Bird said to Jill “Thanks for the skill!

She heard a cry from the other side of the hill
And found Jack lying on the floor still
She opened her bundle and gave him a pill
He had enough water in the pale to eat his pill.

12. Golden Rule of R

Have you ever lost on your way?
Have you ever lost your direction?
Hard to find out where you are?
Here is the golden rule of R for you.

Admit when you are very sleepy
Admit when you are totally lost
Admit that you are not omniscient
Admit that your friend can be better

There’s no one who is always right
Justifying the mistake is cruel
Repeating the mistake is foolish
Correcting the mistake is always wise!

Refer your address where to go
Read your detailed map really well.
Remember your landmarks too
Request some help- even from strangers!

13. Old dog and a Dumb Dog

Don’t try to teach an old dog a new trick
That’s what wise old people say
Old is already molded and rigid
If you try to bend it, some times breaks

Most of them are weak on their back
Their muscles are few and stiffened
Their brain cells are full of worries
So don’t teach them and waste your time

What about a dumb dog some one asked
It will ask very often “So what!”
And at any lesson it will say, “I know!”
So what do you do with a dumb dog?

Leave the dumb dog alone for three days
Let it go hungry and thirsty for a while
Let it feel that it needs some new tricks
Then you can teach it some new tricks.

14. My neighbour’s bullock cart.

My neighbour had a bullock cart
And sure he also had two oxes
One named 'Chemban' and the other 'Kari'
That’s the name they all get
When they pull a bullock cart.

They both pulled the cart
Pulling when when it was full
And Running when it was empty.
But they always pulled together
That made my owner happy

One day Chemban was sick
And they all rested at home
Another day Chemban died
Leaving the rest very sad

Kari rested many days alone
Till the owner bought another cart.
But it was meant only for one ox
To pull and walk or run

The old man my neighbour
Still he has those both
His faithul Kari and their cart
He never loaded the cart so full!

One day I heard some people crying
From my neighbour’s house
I saw the lonely cart in his yard
I don’t know yet who died in that house

My neighbour or his buddy
Or may be the both.

15. I think...

Do you have enough money with you?
The question was simple, the answer was not.
Because the answer started with "I think.."
My trash can is full of "I think.." answers.

Why did you say that to him?
The question was simple, the answer was not.
Because the answer started with "I thought.."
That is not a satisfactory excuse!

If you want your friends to trust you like a rock,
Watch your words and coat them with responsibility
Then they will tell about you,"
If you don't believe me, ask him"

16. At least I tried

We were looking for a special ink to buy
We searched all different isles in the store
A young boy came and confronted us
“Sir, How can I help you today?”

He didn’t have a clue what we were searching
But he knew the right person to help us
She was a haggard looking lady
But I tell you; she had the “right attitude”

She led us through the isles of tall racks
And brought us the options one after the other
Each time we said “Sorry…. not that”
And each time she said, “At least I tried!”

Is that an excuse to escape? I thought.
Or a consolation that helps to hang in there.
She tried it again and again,
And consoled herself “At least I tried!”

Failing without trying is different
We can call it as laziness!
How can we say that some one failed
Without even try it even for once

We cannot call anything a “failure”
As long as there’s an opportunity to try
After each trial we can also console,
“At last I won, or at least I tried, you see!”

17. I wish there was an answer

Which came first "Chicken or egg"Who knows "
Why chicken cross the road"
Many times I wish, there was an answer!
And quit admitting simply, "I give up!"

I knew a friend who was an orphan
He struggled in his mind about his parents
Many times I wished there was an answer
To see my friend's confidant face

Once I found a righteous sufferer
He suffered only because he was good
I wished I could answer his questions
And console my righteous friend

Dark clouds are always for heavy rain
Deep ploughing always results in good harvest
We may not get answers for all our prayers
But listen, Almighty has every reasons.

18. Mysteries

Why God makes us forget our past?
And why He does not reveal our future!
I know the reason why..
Because He loves us and cares.

Yesterday we had many sorrows
Yesterday we had many traumas
Yesterday we had lost many chances
He doesn't want us to remember those.

Tomorrow we may have many sorrows
Tomorrow we may have many traumas
Tomorrow we may loose many chances
He doesn't want us to worry about those.

Tomorrow we may have much happiness
Tomorrow we may have many achievements
Tomorrow we may have much victory
He wants to give those as surprises!

19. The End

The end of the sea is a beach
The end of the land is the same

The end of a bachelor is the marriage
The end of a virgin is the same

The end of the sorrow is a tear
The end of the laughter is the same

The end of the morning is a pink sky
The end of the night is the same

The end of the waiting may be a meeting
The end of the journey may be home

The end of the life is the death
The end of the death is the life everlasting.

20. Simply Propping

It was still dark outside in my garden
Sun rays struggled to pierce the thick fog
I saw a dark figure moving in my garden
What is he doing out there- I wondered

I saw him there again even at noon
Carrying some poles around my trees
He was the same but his shadow was clear
What is he doing out there- I wondered

I was curious at the dusk to check on him
I saw him and his long shadow out there!
I watched him what he was doing
And found him propping up heavy branches!

Look around yourself, and then you will see
Human beings with burden and tired
Prop them up all day long with comforting words
So that they can bear some flowers and fruits

21. Ha Ha Haa…

How do you know when people are happy?
With a sweet smile or with a loud laughter?
People blabber too much when they are happy
Some jump and dance when they are happy

How many faces are there for happiness!
Many- I would say, you can’t count them.
Basically they just want to be noticed
By friends and neighbors when they are happy.

How many faces are there for sorrow!
Often there won’t be any sound or movement.
Some times a sad whistle or a soft sigh!
Most of the time they go unnoticed.

People in sorrow are in a furnace!
They will come out bright, strong, and shiny.
Search and find them as your friends
They can guide you in tumult and sorrow.

22. We all fall down

Ring around the Rosy
Children sang so loud
It felt really loud and noisy
Till all of them fell down

Yes, there are certain times
To fall down with our peers
But this is the time to run
And enjoy our rosy life

I heard again them singing
And I saw them running round
A few more kids also joined them
Running round with laughter

I knew one thing for sure
At the end of the song they will fall
But they'll rise again with happiness
That's how it should be for us all.

23. What do you want?

Want to get wet? Sit out in the rain
Want to get sweat? Work hard
What do you really want?
Always do the appropriate thing.

Open your bottle, then you can fill it.
Open your mind, then you can fill it.
What do you really want?
Always do the appropriate thing.

Eat fatty foods to get yourself fat
To have a clear vision, sit in the light
What do you really want?
Always do the appropriate thing.

To have a better sight, go little higher
Walk with your God to enjoy his presence.
What do you really want?
Always do the appropriate thing.

24. Where do you look at people?

When buying a horse you look at its teeth
For a dog you should study its pedigree
If it is a pig, you should look how fat it is
But where do you look at human beings?

Do you look at their skin and its color?
Or at their height or their thick muscles?
Do you look at their smiling faces?
Or do you look at their tattoos or piercings?

Some look at people just into their pockets
Or some times in their footsteps to follow
You can look at their faces with wrinkles
Where do you look at people next time?

Can you look into their heart next time?
Or into their eyes and feel what they feel!
You'l feel something special next time
Yes, you will see lot of love in that heart!

25. Or else…..

I was thirsty and finally found some water
When I tasted it was salty and nasty!

I wanted a true friend real badly
When I found one, he was a thief!

I was desperately in need of some money
I found a bundle of bills, but they were fake!

Who said “Some thing is better than nothing!”
If you don’t get the best, it can be the worst.

You better be the best one, or a good one.
Or you better be the right one or number one.

Or else…..

26. The power of slow

The tree that grow slow lives longer
And the tree that grow faster lives shorter.
A work slowly done gives more perfection
If we work slow and steady we can accomplish much

Remember 'Rome was not built in one day'
And how the tortoise won the race.
Perls gorw slowly, but they are precious.

And slowly we can count upto million

Single loud knock won’t open a door,
But many small knocks opens the door.
The words that are wispered in low voice,
Are powerful, if it means anything!

Some people yell and shout at others,
Some push too much by praising,
But the people who achieve things
Are slow but steady and calm

Some work with chissel and hammer!
But others work with sand paper
Who wins the race at last?
I will leave the answer to you!

27. Crutches

I was six when my aunt broke her leg
She showed me how she walked using crutches
She hopped up and down even stairs
I thought “Crutches! What a fun even to run!”

Once I saw a van parked close to our building
Mom explained “They have that blue chair sticker”
The man on his crutches hopped towards the building
I thought “Crutches! What a privilege to get around!”

At fifteen Doctor told me “you can use crutches!”
I didn’t know what I was getting into
I tell you my armpits really felt heavy and sore
And I fell down once, what an embarrassment!

I didn’t want anybody to notice me
But my popularity caused me more trouble
Balloons, cards, calls and many visits
Wouldn’t leave me alone even while I play

There’s no place to go without crutches
I’m stuck without them even at my own home
I couldn’t walk fast as usual
And I hated people waiting for me to catch up

On June 30th, I took off my crutches
Man! I was happy, and felt much relieved at last!
I don’t care whether they are wood or metal,
I tell you, it’s not fun to have those crutches.

28. Fear of Unknown

Too many sights for me to see
Especially when I look down from above
But I’m scared to open my eyes
To see the sights from on high

Too many people around me
Different ages, cultures and languages
But I’m scared and they are not my friends!
To go and meet new people out there

Too many fruits and veggies in the market
Different sizes and shapes and colors
But I’m scared: I’ve never tasted them before
To taste or to eat anything strange

There are many routes in the map
To go back to my home, I am lost
But I’m scared to try any one of them
Not sure where I’ll end up at the dusk

Then Once I heard a soft voice from above
I know you are scared, I understand
I’ll guide you always and be with you
Come; try something new for a change.

29. What are you proud of?

He practiced many months
And finally he won the race
Every one clapped and he said:
I am proud of what I have achieved

He got home one day very angry
He shouted at his wife and children
And he uttered in very loud voice
You don’t know how bad I am

Some proud of their cigarette smoking
They show off the smoke rings to their friends
But do they brag about their lung disease
Or proudly count when they cough?

Ask your friends and family
What you should be proud off
Ask yourselves when you are alone
What are the things I should be proud off.

30. She has long hair

Mother called her young daughter near,
Started combing her pretty long hair
Mom told her dad about daughter’s hair,
Look, how long is our daughter’s hair!

Her daughter grew up and her hair too,
Her husband sat with her one day,
And he saw her hair so charming and long,
In her ear he told, “How long is your hair”

A daughter was born to them in a while,
She grew up soon in five six years,
One day she played with her mother’s hair
And said, “Mom your hair is so long!”

She went to work one day with long hair
The cleaning lady didn’t like it at all
“It sheds everywhere- you know?”
To clean up that mess is not very fun.


Shoo… Be quiet they said
Baby is sleeping so soft
Everyone stayed very still
I felt baby’s soft warm breath

Shoo… Be quiet they said
The funeral procession is near
Everyone stayed very still
I felt the sorrow of the loved ones

Shoo… Be quiet they said
A child of God is praying
Everyone stayed very still
I saw the faith in those closed eyes

Oh! Be quiet, be quiet, my soul
Stand still and silently listen
Listen and watch in great silence
And feel God’s protecting presence

Oh! Be quiet, be quiet, my soul
Stand still and silently listen
Listen and watch in great silence
And feel God’s protecting presence

32. Vending machines

Choices are so many
And decisions are hard to make
Because money is the only factor
Which controls all of it

All that I have with me
Was a wrinkled one dollar bill.
I wanted a snack and a drink
But my bill simply won’t go through

“These machines…” I thought for a while
Have a mind of their own” I said.
Some times they are like God
We always have to wait for His time

I changed my bill into some coins
And pressed different buttons to choose
The machine at up all my coins
Leaving me hungry and thirsty.

I once met with a machine, let me tell,
So kind hearted and so good
It dropped some goodies of its own
As I told earlier “just like God”

Often people loose their money
And that makes them sad and mad
Some shake and later kick them
To get back their money that lost.

Some kind hearted wrote a note
Saying “This machine is our of order”
Or “Go to the office on third floor,
To claim your lost quarters back

In spite of all these complaints
I’ve seen people use it all the time
I’ve also seen some kids hang around them
Hoping to see some kind hearted around

33. Just leave it there

I feel very good when I fix things
But some times it end up in chaos
Then I take to someone who can do it
And wait for their words “just leave it there

I heard that words many times before
Even form strangers I’ve never seen
It is a comfort for my weak shoulders
That I can leave it for someone to finish

Many times I made thing much worse
By showing off my “know all” attitude
But still count on someone who can forgive me
And say to me “Just leave it there”

We claim that we know many “-ologies”
Like Theology, Psychology or Biology
But often we make a big mess after all
And wait for God’s word “Just leave it there”

Why don’t we take everything to God at first-
Before we make a big mess out of all?
He will be happy to solve all our problems
He will tell us “just leave it there”.

34. The greatest invention

The greatest invention What is the greatest invention?
It depends upon to whom you will ask.
Is “necessity” the mother of invention?
Or the “profit” is the mother of invention?

So what is the greatest invention?
Is it the fire or a lamp or a matchbox?
It is hard to tell unless we miss them
May be a wheel or a skate or a kite!

For some it is the invention of money!
But for others pen and paper to write.
Some say: “ Plastic changed the world”
It depends upon who see when and where.

A chick scratches and searches its own food.
It invents its own survival techniques.
For modern man his invention is a bomb
Nuclear bomb is his important invention.

The mother “necessity” has no more living children
There is Cancer, Aids and SARS everywhere
She hopes to see her own children soon
The inventions to cure everything.

The mother “profit” has many children
False inventions which claim to burn body fat
Other inventions make certain false promises
Health and full strength through “NayaagraÒ”

35. One Two Three

One two three was her rule
To raise her son when he was two
“You come here, Johny right now!”
Then she will start counting 1,2,3.

The boy will retrieve one step at a time
And this became poor Johnny’s routine
For every order there was a long suffix
And that was the prefix of his obedience.

The boy once tried to cross a busy road
His mom just gave her order
The boy just waited for her counting
Before it came he was struck down

Some times the warnings are good
But there may not be much time left for that
We should know the real meaning of “Yes”
But surely we should learn the power of “NO”

36. X squeeze me

We here that request so often
It means “make some space for something”
For something better to squeeze it in.
May be for some time or may be forever.

Often we ignore that request
It is hard to accommodate one more
But if it is so nice and desirable
May be for some time or may be forever.

Unless we squeeze, it is hard to accommodate
But if it is a sweet dessert after dinner,
Yes, we always have some space for it
May be for some things, or may not for others.

Squeezing sugarcane is hard but we love sugar!
Milking a cow is hard, but we all drink milk!
Collecting honey is hard, but bees do that well
May be for some times, or for a lifetime.

37. If I try I can

Susan was my Student at one time
Severely handicapped in her body
Simon is my name, her sincere teacher
Severely handicapped in my thoughts!

I discouraged her studying a Science subject
Under estimating her strong willpower
But all she had to say to me with a smile
“If I try, I can and I know it”

Still I was a fool trying to convince her
Her inabilities, and all her failures
But she looked only her past victories
And said “If I try, I can and I know it”

Are you now facing any trials?
Look only to your victories and face it
God is your Ebenezer and you know it
Tell aloud “With my God I can do it”

Susan became a teacher in my life
She taught me to count on all my success
Rather than sitting and crying in a corner
Just say, “With my God I can do it”

38. Lord I tried

I always wanted to paint a self-portrait
It took many months to get it finished
No one recognized me in the painting
Then I said to my Lord “Lord, I tried”.

Once I found a small bird in the bush
It couldn’t fly so I brought it home
But it died next day for unknown reason
Then I said to my Lord “Lord, I tried”.

One day a guy came to me to ask direction
To go to a place where I knew very well
I told the right way, but he didn’t take it
Then I said to my Lord “Lord, I tried”.

I always wanted to lead a very good life
A life with out sin and its own shame
But often I found myself in deep guilt
Then I said to my Lord “Lord, I tried”.

People around me started laughing
I heard them shouting in a loud voice,
“That is not an excuse, you didn’t win!”
Then I said to my Lord “Lord, I tried”.

It was a sad moment in my life,
No one told me I achieved anything
But I heard my Lord’s soft comforting voice
“My son I’ll complete them all. Go in peace”

39. Eighteen or older to order

Seventeen orbits are there for a family atom
Every year out children move one orbit away
At seventeen they are on the very outer orbit
At eighteen they are out of the atom

Where are these new electrons going?
Often out in the world somewhere
Some of them may form another atom
But others…. I don’t know what to say

Once the nest is fallen, the birds fly
Don’t know really sure where to go
Most of them do not know where to find food
But end up as a prey for the wild

What is all about the age ‘seventeen’?
Will any man be fully wise even at his death?
We all make mistakes till our death
But the real wisdom is seeking others help

So no matter we are eighteen or older
There will be wise people who are still young
If you think you are wise enough
You better ask everyone’s help

40. The Tree and Vine seedlings

A seed opened one day and a vine came out
It looked around and found a tree seedling
The tall vine invited the tree seedling
“Climb on me, I’ll take you high”

The mama tree smiled and told her son
“Vine has to lean on a strong tree
And the vine should cover the tree
The trees are too heavy for a vine”

Then the vine will grow higher
And produce the flowers and fruits
The butterflies and flies will come
And the wind will announce the ceremony

Tree gave a solemn promise, to support
The vine vowed that it won’t go to another
The vine hugged the tree very tight
The tree embraced the vine in return

I want some support said the vine, softly
I want some cool shade said the tree
We both will live for each other long time,
Pride of the forest and a model for many.

41. Let us pray.

I was sick once and I wanted to pray
But when I took a nap I became ok!
I was hungry but I got food before a prayer
All that did not happen was a prayer.

I wrote many times that I would pray
I wrote many loving letters “in prayers”
I told others secrets “Just for your prayer”
All that did not happen was a prayer.

I bought some books for my prayers.
I wrote many notes for personal prayers
I invited many people for prayers
All that did not happen was a prayer.

I fasted three days for prayer
I visited many holy places for prayer
I paid some money for Holly mass
All that did not happen was a prayer.

I watched many hours gospel channel
I tuned to Gospel station in my FM radio
The preachers said many times “Let us pray”
All that did not happen was a prayer.

Oh my soul, Oh my soul please let us pray
At least just once before we go to sleep
Once when you are asleep you can’t pray
Come; let us pray once more before we sleep.

42. Umbilical Chord

The strongest and powerful chord,
Is an umbilical chord, that’s what I think.
One end is connected to every one on earth
And the other end is attached to their mothers

One may say “ That’s not true”
It was cut off Nine months later
But we know it exists between the two
Like an imaginary axis of our planet.

It bleeds for a while when it is cut off
But the scar still stays to remind us who we were!
The only two people with out it
As the Good Book says “They lost paradise”

The longest chord I’ve ever heard
And the long lasting chord I’ve ever known
Is the umbilical chord, you know-
It even reaches out to many generations.

The children may move out to their dorms
Even to the other end of the world with their spouses
But often Mother and child both feel a gentle pull
Of that unknown but well known umbilical chord

If we study the anatomy of naval area
I don’t think there’s any important vein or nerve
But still both definitely feel something missing
For a child- its own mother and for her dear own child

43. True worship

That city church was so elegant
Its carpet was red and very great
The message of the day hit every heart
“Faith without action” God hates!

Out through the window I noticed
The idols on a nearby temple wall
Also I found some in my heart
Yes, faith without action God hates.

Out through the door I saw
Some children of beggars at the gate
Children in the church begged for faith
Faith without action God hates.

I listened to the Youth Bible study
“Faith and action” was their theme
We heard about Faith but where is action?
The answer was an empty offertory plate!

44. Weathering mother

Mother earth's treasures are stored
As-Rocks of Gold and Coal
Mother nature slowly gives us
Slowly opens the rocks of wealth

Rain and sunlight crack them
Wind and heat disperse them
All of the living things use them
Beware not to abuse them

Plants and animals are thankful
For mother earth's precious gifts
People use them as well,
Who knows how long they will last?

Mother earth still goes weathering
Giving away everything she has
If we conserve them with care
Generation after generation will gain

45. Joy and Sorrow

Everyone has seen Joy somewhere,
It is colorful, shiny and loud,
You will know when it is around
By its, giggles and happy shouts!

No one can easily see a sorrow,
It is dark, deep and fathomless.
You won't know when it is around
It makes no loud noise or movement.

Sorrow can be deeply hidden,
Even under big giggles and laughs
Wipe out fake gladness slowly,
You will see the sorrow deep in there!

Sorrow prefers to be left alone lonely.
It likes to read, write, think and pray
Many times it sits calm and trusting
Leaving everything to God almighty

It fills people with wisdom and love
It makes our hearts sensitive and soft
Sorrow is a pitcher filled with gladness
Pouring eternal joy in others hearts.

46. Three little muddy pigs

Three little muddy pigs
Three little pigs went up the hill
Their names were John,
Jacob, Jingle Hay me Smith

The first pig climbed all the way up
And looked the other side and laughed
Its brothers asked, “What’s up?”
It laughed and jumped to the other side of the hill.

The second pig climbed all the way up
And looked the other side and laughed
Its brother asked “What’s up?”
It laughed and jumped to the other side of the hill.

The third little pig climbed all the way up
And looked the other side and laughed
Its Mamma asked, “What’s up?”
It laughed and jumped to the other side of the hill.

Soon Mamma knew what is out there,
She took some clothes and a towel
A big bucket of water and a soap too
And a planned to teach them a lesson too.

47. Pain Reliever

The child in the next bed screamed
She is scared of needles they said
Is it because of pain?
Then give pain killer.

But pain killer is in a syringe!
They gave another pain killer to the child
A colorful sweet lollypup candy
It worked better than the syringe!

Let me think...What really kills the pain?
Two men were fighting in the TV
One got hurt and I saw him bleeding,
But when he returned the blow next round,

I remember a bully in my elementary school,
He got punishments every day but never cried.
One day when they punished him by mistake
He cried, and cried all day long.

It is ok some times when we fall in the mud
But we look around to make sure no one has seen
If no one has seen just what happened,
The pain is much less and can be ignored.

I used to prout my face for having some pimples,
Then my mom told "Think about people who are worse"
I did think about some familiar ugly faces,
My pain went away quite far far away.

Later I became a teacher, a husband, and my sons dad
Many times I did experience pain, that is ture.
They all often asked me "Are you OK?.
As a MAN, I always smiled and said "I am fine"

48. Refined Gold

A tribal in India once told me
There is gold in the river “Chaliyaar”
Since he was an old man – I believed.
Because “Old is Gold” that’s what they say.

He took me down to the river bank and showed
The ripples of flowing deep muddy water
He attached a stone on his back
And told me that he’ll be back soon.

He jumped way down into the deep water,
The ripples of his splashing stayed for a while
I waited there with troubled mind
Doubting his word “I’ll be back soon”

Yes! He came back with some mud from the bottom
And he also had a big smile of achievement
He never has doubted his river “Chaliyaar”
Or his father’s lessons about gold

He took the mud with him into shallow water,
And removed all dirty rocks and stones,
He splashed some water on it many times
And refined the ore in his wooden pan.

He added some mercury to the ore
And poured the whole mixture in to the fire
I waited with him under a tree shade
The proof of his word “gold” shined so bright.

My parents told me “There’s gold in prayer”
Just jump into it with any burden you have
Refine God’s promises from its deep mud
Burn your ‘self’ on His sacred altar.

I see many believers in that river “Prayer”
In the morning hours when the water is clear.
They all come out always with a smile
They know they got something better than gold.

49.Contageous feelings

One boring teacher left the classroom
The students were still in that boring mood.
The next teacher came with a big smile.
The next one hour students rocked with laughter.

I went for a funeral of an very old friend.
Every one thought "It is OK, He is 98"
But a young man came and shed few tears,
Then the whole crowd cried with him

Joy or deep sorrow, are like water drops
They build up a deep dam little by little
When it bursts it flows with much force,
Drenching and rocking all our fellow men

Disturbed drivers just hurry in the road
Or make others angry by frequent lane changing
The contageous anger fills other hearts,
They honk or talegate with contageous anger

Is it OK to be sad? Or is it Ok to be mad?
To whom do you want to get mad?
Or at what occation you wnat to be sad?
It all depends the time and the person.

Some say "Don't control your feelings"
It is not good for your mind and body.
Show your real feelings to them then,
They'll shout at you "Stop it now"

When they cry, they want you to cry,
When they are sad, they want you to be sad.
Remember feelings are contageous
No matter whether it is good or bad.

50. The End

Family vacation- Everything is packed.
Kids are tired of crayons and pencils
In the Back seat of the family car
Only three miles they went so far
Then all the three looked out through the window
And asked: “Are we there yet mom?”

We listen to the movie commentary
On radio with anxiety: what’s the next?
And often wonder how it will end at last.
But the critic just leaves us in darkness
With some hints to stir our curiosity
This will lead us to a silver screen.

The performance may be great
But we wait during each climax
To clap when it is all finished
Then the next scene just beginning,
But often confused and wondering
When is this going to end?

The big fat candle is almost done
Flame is so huge and the light is so bright
But look at the holder! No more wax!
All that is left is only a small piece of wick-
We are prepared to light a fresh new candle
And we often ask: When is it going to end?

The doctor went inside, relatives stayed outside.
Anxious to know when is the end.
Pastor was called for final ceremonies
Close relatives also went inside
But all came out later, wondering-
When is the end or is it quite near?

Can you see tomorrow through your window?
Is that sky still dark like yesterday?
Can you see the end of that long night?
Remember! The darkness can’t stay for ever.
And sun can not delay its bright morning!
No clouds can hide him for ever!

Finally the family vacation is over.
All are coming back home at last!
Three more miles to reach their home town
No one is asking “Are we there yet mom?”
All that you can hear is the kids’ soft snoring.
They were sure that they are coming home!
We saw the movie and the anxiety had ended
What a pleasant surprise ending every one said.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
The curtain had fallen and every one clapped.
Standing ovation and shouted “BRAVO!”

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Flame finally vanished, spreading darkness.
But baby is fast asleep, why need light?

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
The doctor covered the face of his patient.
But the soul was happy and went up to heaven.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
I looked out through the window and saw sun rays
The rooster fluttered its wing and declared the morning.
Not to announce that the night is over
But to proclaim the rising sun.


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