Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beggars for Others

By: Dr. Simon Zachariah

Her baby is hungry, they are poor;
Her baby is weak and is sleeping.
She had no money, she decided to beg.
Yes, literally go begging from door to door.

She found many closed doors and gates;
Even barking dogs behind those iron gates.
Some shut their doors and screamed ‘Go away!’
She was really thirsty and felt very tired
Begging food for her own hungry baby.

Some asked many questions- often hurting
She didn’t want to give any answers
She didn’t want tarnish her baby’s future
Just to feed her hungry baby- denying dignity?
No! She said, “I won’t name my baby- a beggar”

She saw another child begging so appealing-
That child got plenty of food and money
My child can’t cry- perhaps too weak to cry.
But I am ready to cry- louder than anyone else.
Because this is my own child- said.

I won’t show my baby’s face to anyone.
I won’t tell my child’s name to anyone.
I won’t humiliate him- he has a future.
Or tell me, should I, just because we are poor?
Feed us please… Only because you have plenty.


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