Tuesday, September 01, 2009

He Knows the pastures.

One dark night my shepherd woke me up,
He led the whole folk through a narrow road
We walked sheepishly and finally we reached
On a hill side where the sun was shining bright
And where the grass is green and water is cool.
He slowly walked up the hill to pray usual.

One day He chased us from our water hole,
He led us in a hurry to another water hole.
We didn’t want to leave our quiet water hole.
Soon we found another rushing clear stream,
At the evening when were coming back-
We found our old water hole all dried up.

Yesterday He separated us one from the other
We did not know what was happening to us.
First the dad was taken, then our dear mom,
He took our uncles and aunts one by one.
We mourned and cried loud all day long
Soon we found them all, sheared and clean!

We love our shepherd, because He loves us
He knows our name and He carry the young.
He always watches over us with out a wink
When ever we go astray, He searches for us.
He leads us through every rain and sun shine
We simply follow Him. He knows the pastures.


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