Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Moving moon-1

An empty chair!
    -Simon Zachariah
I asked my friend "not coming for the party?"
His eyes were filled with tears. He said,"No "
Memories of loved ones, come back often.
Especially when holidays are very close by!

First year, then the second year bring back-
Memories that one can never forget..never!
Empty chairs around the big dinner table..
The jokes they always used to tell repeatedly!

No matter what others say, No one can ever-
Replace your loved one. So uniquely loved.
We are all always so unique and peculiar.
Like Tigger, you can say "I'm the only one "

Moving moon-2


Holding one trusted hand-
Helps me to get up..What a relief!

Stepping on a trusted bridge-
Helps me to reach the other shore!

Following a true trusted friend-
He'll lead me to the right place!

Waiting for God's perfect time-
He'll provide a peaceful end!

Moving moon-3

Human puzzle pieces.
          Simon Zachariah
I found many people around me.
All different sizes, shapes and shapes.
God told me to build a beautiful world!
I said: they don't align, not identical.

He said: "They are the part of this world.
Work with them, put them together.
It takes time! They all have their places."
Soon I found, forming families, friends.

Now I am busy doing puzzles all the time.
Building communities, and groups.
Don't you want to try doing puzzles?
Build a support group, for a good cause!


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