Saturday, February 27, 2010

it's just a...

It's just one drop of of honey,
Yes, that's all it took to make it sweet.
Do you know how honey is made?
Have you thought how difficult it is
How easy it is to underestimate things.

"Doctor didn't do much".... they say-
"just one little cut and few stitches"
Do you know where to cut the body?
Have you thought the risks involved in it?
How easy it is to underestimate others.

"It's the work of a stupid fellow..right?"
Yes, I agree, of course it was a mistake.
But do you know how much care he took!
How much he cried and regretted about it?
How easy it is to judge some one sincere!

Next time when you feel like criticizing someone-
Try to do some thing by yourself for a change
Do some thing yet to be accomplished by you.
You may get several criticism like the above,
But, at least you will feel like appreciating others!


Who built them the bridges and steps?
That's why they climbed up high.
That's how they found the way out
To escape to the free world.
Who told you to build the steps?

Who opened their windows wide?
That's how they nicely found out-
What's happening around the world.
No wonder they demanded freedom!
Who told you to open the windows?

Who gave them the books to read?
That's how they knew their difference-
Between the rest of the world and them.
That's how we lost control over them.
Who told you to give them the books?

Who convened their meeting to discuss?
That's the reason they got to speak.
To speak about their pain and agony.
Put them all to work all day long.
Who told you to call them for a compromise?

But some day they will build the steps.
Some day they will open their windows.
Some day they all will learn to read.
Some day they will assemble for freedom.
Yes! truth and freedom will prevail.