Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seeing the Unseen

Some people always see the unseen
Yes, they see what you haven’t see
Or you can never ever think off
They see your weakens and faults.

When they see, what you can not see
It hurts-Of course I understand,
But you should correct your mistakes.
So that they can find some thing else.

You should also see, which they can see,
The smiling face of God and His reward.
Because God can see what they can’t see
The work you accomplished for Almighty.

God can see your future, all His rewards,
For those who can see only other’s faults,
And for those who does His blessed will.
Cheer up! And try to see all the unseen.

Friday, August 06, 2010

What an embarrassment!

The engine started at the right time
And it ran with out any problem
And sure, it ran very very fast
And it reached at the correct time
But they forgot to attach the bogies.

The cooks cooked the best food
The quantity was more than enough
The quality was undoubtedly good
But the guests were gone somewhere,
When it was finally nicely served.

What ever you wish or do or say,
Make sure you do not forget-
The very very important thing
Make note of it and remember always.
With out that it doesn’t make any sense!


Do you know the potentiality of a plane paper?
It can transform into a short story or a poem.
Or it can transform into a paper air plane.
It all depends on whose hands it gets into.

Many muddy rocks became famous sculptures
Many words became orders or supplications
Many past dreams became day light realities
Many poor people later ruled many kingdoms

Do you know the potentiality of a simple prayer?
Surely it is more than you can ever imagine!