Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Plant

My friend once told me about a plant
Which he had in heart- fully grown
He also told about a healthy plant
Which he planted in a girls heart

When he turned to be a teenager
Many girls planted seeds in his heart
They grew wild and big like weeds
Finally he had to plough his heart

Then one day she came and planted a seed
But unlike the others, she came back,
To water it, fertilize it, and to prune it.
Soon it grew and flourished and bloomed

One day I saw her dear heart too
All ploughed out nice and smooth
So I planted one seed and checked it
I watered it, fertilized it and pruned it.

The seeds we both planted were,
The seeds of a precious tree called love
We knew that it won’t grow well
Without proper care and attention.

The love plant needs frequent attention
Won’t grow without watering with tears,
Won’t grow without Pruning corrections
Won’t grow without Fertilizing with words

Have you planted a seed yet?

Thursday, September 02, 2010


Brimming with confidence I used to be
Seeing only the best of all I could see.
The luster and sheen of the cup of my soul
Illumined my pupils and brightened my goal.

But all that it took was a crack in the cup,
and quickly the pressures of life traveled up.
The air bubbles, squeezing my confidence out,
filled up all the spaces with toxins of doubt.

By now, my assurance, the half mark it clears;
It continues to flow like unstoppable tears.
I look for the best, but alas ‘tis in vain;
For who can see it half full while it continues to drain?

-Joe Uthup